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A successful and profitable oil palm production begins with the choice of a high yielding germinated seeds. This is the type of seeds developed and supplied by Ghana Sumatra Limited. For establishing new plantings, replanting and high returns on investments, the availability of quality hybrid germinated seeds is essential for sustainable production.

At Ghana Sumatra, our germinated oil palm seeds are reliably produced, of the highest purity and have excellent genetic potential to give smallholders and plantations the best possible start to sustained high and profitable yields of palm oil.

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Based in Ghana's Eastern oil palm belt, we are a company that specialises in the production of germinated oil palm seeds supplying Oil Palm growers, whether plantations or smallholders, here in Ghana and other oil palm growing areas Africa, the Americas and Asia.

Our DxP seeds' parents are selected from the widest gene pool of breeding palms in Africa and are specifically adapted for lower rainfall conditions and resistance to Fusarium wilt whilst giving high yields with excellent oil to bunch ratios in areas with 0-4 months drought conditions.


Our production of the seeds is tightly controlled using industry best practice and to a quality management system that is certified to ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

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Our Heritage

Though oil palm is indigenous to Ghana and West Africa, the first commercial oil palm plantations in Ghana were established in 1955 at Sese and Pretsea in the Western Region. Prior to this, the palm oil was extracted from palms growing in wild groves scattered throughout the tropical belt of Ghana and used within the household and traded as oil both locally and occasionally internationally. The origins of the non-improved wild Elaeis guineensis lie within the West African region and has bestowed on Ghana Sumatra's joint venture partners unique breeding opportunities based on this expansive gene pool.

Our Company was born out of the close research ties between the scientists in Ghana's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research's Oil Palm Research Institute based at Kade, Eastern Region in Ghana, and PT PP London Sumatra Indonesia Tbk's Sumatra Bioscience based at the Bah Lias Research Station, North Sumatra in Indonesia. Both organisations have established unique positions within their home markets and upon these strengths Ghana Sumatra. The signing of a joint venture agreement in May 2008 between the two research groups created Ghana Sumatra Limited whose goal is the production and supply the highest quality germinated oil palm seed for both Ghana and international customers.

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Connect With Us

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