Collaborative Trial Project

Ghana Sumatra Limited in partnership with CSIR-OPRI has a project for collaboration with plantation owners for testing and development of progenies suitable for varying rainfall and sunshine regions. One of such collaborative trials has been arranged with a large Oil Palm Company in Gabon.

Collaborative Trial Project with a large Oil palm Company in Gabon

Ghana Sumatra Limited entered into Collaborative Trial Agreement (CTA) with a large Oil Palm Company in Gabon, in March, 2013. This is a ten year CTP, with four (Crosses) progenies involved in 120ha trials.

Performance of GSL seeds in the nursery and field

1. Seedlings at the nursery

2. Field

3. Longitudinal section of a fruit from 3yr old palms

FFB yields recorded on farmer’s farms under BMP module of SWAAP in Ghana.

Sustainable West Africa Palm oil Programme (SWAPP), in collaboration with the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) and other stakeholders in the oil palm sector, are piloting Best Management Practices (BMP) initiatives in Ghana.

Best Management Practices are agronomic methods and techniques that have found to be the most cost-effective and practical means to reduce the gap between the actual and maximum economic yield while minimising the impact of the production system on the environment by using external inputs and production resources efficiently

Customer feedback on GSL Planting Material

  • Ghana Sumatra planting materials show aggressive growth and are good for supply plantings” GM, Agronomy of a large Oil Palm Company in Gabon.
  • GSL Planting materials used for the collaborative trials have similar performance in the nursery and field during the initial years as compared to other planting materials” GM, Agronomy of a large Oil Palm Company in Gabon
  • In terms of palm growth and vigour, Ghana Sumatra planting materials are responding very well with timely appropriate fertilizer recommendations” GM, Agronomy of a large Oil Palm Company in Gabon.