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Our Crosses

The company offers two selected crosses at the moment. Their fruit and bunch characteristics were determined in experiments conducted at the CSIR-OPRI research station that is at 500 m elevation, has a pronounced dry season with periodic low sunshine periods during hamattan events, 3-5 months of sub-optimal rainfall and a soil moisture deficit of more than 250mm/yr with a range between 100 and 400mm/yr. The rule of thumb for effect of annual soil moisture deficit on yield is that for each 100mm of deficit reduces yield by 10%. Please contact us for potential orders from 100 seeds to 1,000,000.


Our Seeds

The single most important factor for any oil palm plantation, whether it is one hectare or one hundred thousand hectares, is to ensure that each planted palm will produce fresh fruit bunches that can be harvested and processed within 24 hours. This requires a full stand of productive palms, excellent access for the harvesters and a transport network that enables prompt transport of the bunches to the processing facilities. Ghana Sumatra's aim is to supply the first step in the chain by providing high purity, high yielding, and disease resistant planting materials with the highest genetic potential.

Preventing the loss resulting from one off-type and non-productive palm in a hectare will pay for all the seed planted in that hectare, It is a false economy to buy sub-standard seed. It is essential that only seeds of reliable purity are purchased and the nursery is run with only one consideration, the excellence of its seedlings. Ghana Sumatra's seeds take you one step closer to that 100% productive stand.

We believe that our pollinators, as tested by our blank pollinations, give almost pure DxP "Tenera" seed. We guarantee the purity standard that our seed will give less than 1 in 1,000 Dura type palms on a field planting, a 99.9% purity.


Nursery Management

Ghana Sumatra will deliver to the Customer excellent genetic yield potential for the future. The standards of upkeep in the nursery, developmental and mature phases will determine if this potential is expressed in maximum yields. To ensure that the nursery phase produces only the best seedlings for field planting Ghana Sumatra can offer advice and if required manage the nursery to give the Customer the best possible oil palm seedlings. If you should need this help please contact us.

Advisory Services

Ghana Sumatra and CSIR-OPRI are able to offer a range of services in nursery management, field development, pest and disease, and agronomic services. If you should have need in these areas please contact us.